The SUSP3 Search engine optimization rule

Regionality of the donor

If we work in Australia (conditionally), then you should not use top-level domains from other geo (especially another language group).

For example, you have a New Zealand – Canada – Australia grid, and linkbuilder offers a top-level domain of Canada for scoring. It would be logical to conclude an agreement for a guest post in Canada. If you work only in Australia, then there is nothing wrong with using a donor from Canada: we work within the same language group.

TOP geo (CTLD – Country Top-Level Domain, country top-level domain)

What is the disadvantage of using sites with a top-level domain of other geo? The traffic itself and its origin. When scoring, you need to view each site, which takes up resources. There are a lot of grids from India, Pakistan and other countries created for the purpose of monetization just by selling links.

Expert recommendation: even if the resource seems good and has traffic, always look at the origin of this traffic! If he is from India, there is a risk of encountering transitions, but numerous refusals. As for resources with a top-level domain of overseas territories or specific jurisdictions (Palau, Niue, Tokelau, etc.), it is better to put a filter on them too. Their domain rating is less than one, i.e. working with such resources can do more harm than good.


Anchor text is a factor that is taken into account when calculating the weight of the document. The screenshot shows examples of how straight anchors, dilution, and others can look like.

The effect of Anchor text on the weight of the document

When creating a strategy, it is important to focus on what competitors have in the top (the percentage of direct anchors, the percentage of non-anchors, dofollow / nowfollow, and others). There are niches where it is more difficult to analyze competitors due to the fact that the links are closed. A typical example is gambling. We will talk about this in more detail in the second part.

In addition to the anchor, the environment is important (the anchor text and the very location of the link on the page). The higher the link, the better. As a rule, they try to put guest posts in the first or second paragraph. Placement at the beginning of the text gives another advantage: the link gets into the short description of the news / post and goes to the main page (but depends on the resource settings). When working with webmasters, it is also important to specify the conditions: how long will the link hang on the main page (we need 12 hours or more), where it will be placed, in what environment, and so on.

Dynamics of the reference

Dynamics implies how the build-up of the reference takes place.

Example of the dynamics of the reference

A team of linkbuilders should have a step-by-step instruction with scoring parameters (donors from 20 to 75, analytics of their growth, and so on).

By the way, it is important to be able to understand charts and graphs. The screenshot below is not a doorway, but a pasting.

What does the dynamics of the reference look like when pasting


As an example, you can see the solution of one of the partners. As a rule, partner networks allow you to post links to products on their websites (in our case, to casinos). As a result, we have a number of advantages: the link comes from the main one, it is thematic, it is quite easy to get it.

Link to the casino on the partner network website

There is another example from Ahrefs related to theming. In this case, you can see how the promotion team works with guest posts. The example is indicative from the point of view of the thematic nature of links.

Example of the thematicity of the link placement

All guest posts are not just about the casino, but about Safe online casino. Theming is important not only within the host (as in the example above with the affiliate program and online gambling), but also within the URL itself.

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Donor Quality

We are looking at the origin of traffic by Ahrefs and the number of pages in the index by Majestic. For donors with low indicators, we use Similarweb (often does not display data). But in this case, it is important for us to use all available tools to analyze the quality of the donor during scoring. Based on a comprehensive analysis, it is possible to weed out those that for some reason do not suit us.

Donor quality assessment (scoring)

If we talk about our team, then the Head of Linkbilders receives links to pages with a description of the parameters. The task of the head of the analytics department is to conduct secondary scoring. For example, according to the parameters of the site everything is in order, and the Head of Linkbilders after the transition sees that he has a footer on the main online casino or there are no social networks in the footer (there are blanks), or there is no privacy policy, or there is no “About Us” section.

At the second stage of scoring, the head of the department understands that the donor is of poor quality, we will not work with him. In theory, such manual secondary selection seems difficult, but for a specialist with experience, such scoring takes literally a couple of seconds. When there is experience and observation, the screening of low-quality donors occurs at the click of your fingers (even by individual design elements, you can already understand that we have some kind of grid in front of us).

Types of links

The main ranking factors have been sorted out. Now we turn to the types of links and how to work with them correctly.


These are all the links that you can put down with your hands without interacting with webmasters directly.

We have several types that we work with.

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