Money out of thin air: SEO tips

we grow SEO traffic to 200k and make 1.8 million rubles a month in a content project

In this article, I will tell you how to put the squeeze on the top in Yandex and Google in modern realities. Here will be presented: the specific situation of the case, practical data on solving the tasks and the latest figures. Let’s go!


At the beginning of the year, a blogger approached us with a number of tasks for her project. In addition to rocking social networks, work was also carried out on the information site, but traffic stagnated and competitors pressed quite hard, not shunning black methods.

  • Domain age: 1 year.
  • Subject: courses on baby food.
  • Search traffic per month: 130-150k units.
  • Massive negative fraud of the PF: direct visits, fake referrer, traffic from Yandex.
  • For a negative effect on Google, competitors glued toxic drops.
  • Mass theft of content with subsequent reproduction on a variety of garbage sites.
  • The buzz of the niche is that the courses do not need to be conducted online or offline, they are all made on the record and they are actively bought by newly-made parents. This means that with an increase in search traffic, there will be a directly proportional correlation of $ at the checkout.

The funnel looks like this:

The parent searches for information in the Yandex/Google search for information queries.

Gets to the landing page of the site with the disclosure of the subject.

The article contains banners with the CTA to buy an advanced course.

When clicked, there is a redirection to the chatbot, automated payment and shipment of paid content.

The scheme is simple and perfect. Everything related to children’s themes are evergreen themes. Children are born and will be born constantly. The influx of new parents who create search traffic has been and will be constant. There is relatively a lot of traffic in the subject and there is a place to turn around. There is money there, so the competition is quite tough.

When building the work plan, we took into account that it makes no sense to finish building the house while it is burning. In other words, there is no point in combing internal optimization, working with content and links until external negative factors that hinder the development of the project are eliminated.

The main work on the project

Protection of the site from negative fraud and competitive intelligence.

Negative cheating of behavioral factors has an extremely negative impact on the future prospects of the project. Previously, we used two security barriers to protect the site: Cloudflare and AntiBot.Cloud.

It was decided to abandon Cloudflare, since fan-based blocking of sites in Runet has been going on all year, and there is a very high chance that the shared ip of Cloudflare may fall under distribution. You can change the IP address in Cloudlfare only on premium tariffs through technical support.

The Antibot project is developing and at the moment is the best protection against parasitic traffic, as well as parsers and site analysis services. Immediately after installing and configuring the firewall with a pack of custom rules, the negative cheating of the PF was eliminated.

This video is most pronounced for direct calls:

Elimination of negative cheating PF – direct visits of bots.

Most users with white fingerprints, cookies and ip are checked automatically and do not notice the firewall. Suspicious users and bots are shown a window with a color selection:

The window for checking the session for an automated request.

Behavioral bots, parsers, and competitive intelligence tools are filtered remarkably well and cannot access the project. Yandex.Metrica also does not see such bots, there will be no records of site visits in the bot’s cookies.

When analyzing statistics, we get comprehensive data on visits, including ip, headers, referrers. All this information is further used to identify sites that steal content through parsing in automatic mode, and to fine-tune locks at the web server level.

Statistics on top blocked ip addresses in the firewall admin panel.

With such a firewall, we provide:

  • protection against behavioral and spam bots;
  • protection against any parsers (proxies, http headers and user-agent do not matter);
  • protection against fake bots with a user-agent like the official search engine robots;
  • protection against proxying of the site by doorways;
  • checking bots by PTR records;
  • reducing the load on the web server.

At the same time, Antibot does not prevent our bots from positively cheating PF. To do this, before going to the site from Yandex, our bots first go to a secret url with a php script, where each bot receives a secret cookie key. Further, bots perform the necessary manipulations on the site and significantly improve behavioral factors.

Protection from competitive intelligence is also a great advantage, especially in content projects. Now it will not be possible to analyze hundreds of pages with content automatically, the firewall will block all attempts, and competitors will have to pick it all manually, which causes maximum inconvenience.

We are looking for stolen content and purge it from the search results.

Duplicates of the same content negatively affect the ranking in search engines. It is not uncommon for a more trusted site with stolen text to rank higher than the original.

To search for sites that have stolen texts from the promoted project, it is enough to use the eTXT Anti-Plagiarism program. Then get a list of the exact url and prepare a detailed statement in Google and Yandex.

In Google – created a new application through a special form. The DMCA specialist responds quickly enough. They identify the original source and remove thieves from the search results. I can request additional information in tickets.

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