Link-building SEO guide

Typical examples:

  • references;
  • sites with reviews;
  • maps.

Examples placement of unencumbered submits

Pros – relative cheapness with maximum naturalness. At the same time, it is important to take into account the disadvantages: we are limited in volume and work only with unencorded links. We use links of this type mainly to diversify the profile (when it is necessary to achieve a certain ratio of dofollow / noufollow, anchorage / no anchorage). There are services that help automate these processes.

Type No. 2 – submits for pumping the author’s rating. We use it not for pumping pages, but for rating a certain author. If we have created a fake person on whose behalf the content is published, it is necessary to upgrade her rating.

Why is this important? Let’s digress and try to understand the work of the Google search engine. Each person in it represents a certain entity. For example, J. Miller is an expert in the field of SEO, who has a panel in the “Knowledge” column, thematic publications, etc. The Google search engine understands what kind of personnel it is, what it does. If you enter a search query with the name and surname of this expert, the system will show his photos, contacts and even generate a description of the activity. If J. Miller writes SEO-related content to your site, Google will rate this document higher. Of course, if J. Miller writes about online casinos or tennis, the impact will be much lower.

It is important to extract key information from this digression: the author of your content must be “pumped”. There are a lot of ways to do this: a completed Facebook profile, a LinkedIn account, and others. For white niches, pumping accounts is not always relevant. For example, sometimes it is easier to contact an expert and agree on partner material.

Type #3 – WEB 2.0 software runs. Links that can be obtained in almost unlimited quantities by creating accounts on free or paid platforms.

However, they do not transmit the reference weight, but are more used to pump the author’s rating.

At SEOWORK, we don’t do so-called “WEB 2.0 runs”, but for some projects it may work (albeit with reservations).

Outreach and what it is like

The classification of links has been sorted out, now let’s look at their application. How to post links? As part of the interaction with the webmaster, we use 3 formats:

Guest Posting (guest posts, guest posts). Writing a new article on a site / grid of sites with an anchor.

Link Insertion (link is incomplete). “Injection” – inserting a link into an existing article.

Link Exchange (link exchange). Link exchange.

There are other interesting formats, more about them below.

Guest Posting: tricks of guest posting + ready-made template

Here’s what a typical 1,000-word guest post looks like. We have 2 direct anchors “secure online casino” and “this security measures”.

What does a guest post with links look like

In what format does the interaction take place? Below is a screenshot from the Bactrim platform, which is just used for conducting outreach campaigns and tracking the KPIs of linkbuilders. The service allows you to monitor the payment of links, whether they have been deleted, and so on. But there are other similar products on the market.

Template for working with guest posts

As for the work template, it is standard. Let’s look at the main points:

Personalization. Bastrim allows you to add {name} and {web-site} variables to the template to send personalized messages.

The time of sending. The template allows you to configure the time of sending (so that a situation does not occur when you make a newsletter on Friday evening local time in Australia or the USA, 100 more letters fall into the recipient’s mail over the weekend, and yours is lost as a result).

Sending repeated messages. We have also implemented a system of “catch-up letters” (1, 2, 3). If there is no response from the respondent, after 2-3 days, depending on the template settings, a repeat message will be automatically sent.

Research shows that it is optimal to use no more than 3 letters. The average response rate is about 30%. That is, if 1 out of 3 replies to you as a result of mailing, this is already a good result (but there are even situations when the response rate reaches 50%, i.e. every second responds).

Link Insertion: looking for a donor for an “injection” and saving the budget

There are resources and webmasters who do not agree to guest posts, but offer only an insider link (or vice versa). As a rule, Link Insertion is cheaper compared to guest posts, because there is less labor. The insider link is not always relevant: for example, it is advisable to order the insertion of links in posts that are more than 3 years old.

Example of Link Insertion – link placement

For example, we have a situation where the webmaster does not agree to guest posts, but offers Link Insertion. What should I do in this case? The task of linkbuilders is to find traffic articles in which you can place and get traffic. The link is incomplete on dead pages is impractical.

But there are other pitfalls. For example, the resource you are looking for has passed all checks in Majestic and other services, but you go to Top pages and see that 95% of traffic falls on 1 page. There is clearly something wrong here: it may be worth using other sources. Below is a screenshot of what an example of adequate traffic distribution looks like.

Donor for Link Insertion and Traffic Distribution Analysis

Link Exchange (link exchange): we exchange links and bypass competitors

It is considered that the method is prohibited (as well as the purchase of links in general), but it is used.

In this example, we see 2 sites that link to each other.

Example of Link Exchange – link exchange

How to simplify the work of linkbuilders: parse competitors’ pages with a frog and see who they link to. Analyze the received data. If the site links to a donor, and this donor is in Ahrefs, then it can potentially be used.

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