How to protect site from negative cheating and contextual advertising

Straight to the point. I have been observing exactly since the beginning of April 2020:

low-quality traffic growth from Yandex search results;

a significant increase in low-quality traffic from the contextual advertising service “Yandex.Direct”;

90% surge in low-quality organic traffic in the Moscow region;

a surge of low-quality paid traffic from the Yandex advertising network in all regions where campaigns are configured.

nothing came from Google’s SERP;

there are no spikes in Google Ads anyway;

there is no bot referral traffic.

I noticed all this charm on client sites who are promoted in Russia.

In this article, I have compiled a list of measures for surgical intervention, which I myself came to over the past three days without sleep.

There is an individual approach to sites that have been around for a long time.

Listen, this is the most, here’s the money for you, make me beautiful, so that there are a lot of people a month, well, from these intyrnets of yours. Well, so that the money drips, kruzak, treshka in Ufa, dacha, moustache like people, you know, and to do almost nothing, you can, right? Aren’t you a professional?

Ivan Ivanovich, a typical owner of a freshly baked online store on the website builder

Dear site designers, I have nothing against your platforms at all. They are very good if they are in direct hands. Moreover, we have a client with a large store and traffic on the constructor platform, and everything works like clockwork.

Here’s the thing. Recently, a long solemn procession of the so-called “Ivan Ivanychs” has been coming in my direction with requests from the quote above, as if under a carbon copy.

Guys, I’m going to tell you some very unpopular things.

An online store is a complex, large ecosystem, and online sales are a complex multi—level process.

It’s never out of the series:

“Opa-opa, I paid for the platform, here is my product catalog, placed the HTML code on the page. Well, that’s it, let’s move on, now I’ll just run for a bucket and catch my millions of millions.

” or

“So, so, I made a one-page website where you can specify only the article of spare parts or tires, well, then I want them to call me and buy. And without any questions, it is necessary to promote to the top for all requests, well, for a maximum of three months, and so that all sorts of exist and lada-original smoked on the sidelines. I won’t screw up any catalogs and I don’t even want to listen to anything, I understand everything better than anyone and I know everything, here’s twenty thousand for you, time has gone!”.

These two approaches and all their derivatives are for lovers of suffering. Not only in business, but also in life.

Do not follow the straight path right away, as it should, but first suffer enough, pour your miserable budgets into the toilet, deny reality, get a hole from a bagel as a result, cry to friends in the bathhouse that small business is being strangled, everything is so unfair and expensive, oh how difficult it is to be a businessman, oh, I even went to a business conference, and a lemon of dollars by itself did not fall into your pocket. And, defiantly puffing out his cheeks, go into the sunset.

This approach to business is exclusively your sexual problems, and you don’t need to drag me into this swamp of wet dreams and inadequacy. Find yourself the same top-notch contractor and practice until the money runs out.

Instead of a conclusion

In 2020, the brand development factor will increase, it is necessary to show search engines even more convincingly that the promoted business is not a sharashka on the knee, but a company with long—term interests.

How to show? The main factor is the presence of brand requests and brand traffic from users.

Traffic links, multiple traffic channels, of course, behavioral factors and content will still work. Individually, all this does not work, only in aggregate.

And it is necessary to use these tools not in a stupid way, but after analyzing top competitors and creating a strategy for the next 6-8 months, then everything will work as it should.

It is important to understand that if the behavioral factors of the site are bad, then there is:

The site has a high bounce rate.

Users spend little time on the site.

Users view few pages per session.

Conversion rates are below the hospital average.

Then this is not corrected by an increase in volume or another type of traffic.

If the search traffic does not convert, then with a high probability contextual advertising along with social networks will also go down the drain. The same thing works in the opposite direction.

The accumulation of bad behavioral factors has the effect of a rapidly increasing snowball. Bad PF will not evaporate, Yandex from Google remember everything. To fix the situation with the killed PF, you will have to spend even more money, effort and time.

That’s all. There are no chips, life hacks, the secret secret of successful success. All this is hellish work and hellish work both on the part of the customer and on the part of the contractor, despite the fact that it may seem to you that someone there has pressed a couple of buttons and is sitting spitting at the ceiling.

Remember, there are no companies without any initial capital and marketing without budgets. The sooner you get this snotty lie out of your head, the better it will be for you and everyone around you. Formal registration of an individual entrepreneur or LLC does not make you an entrepreneur and never obliges other people to buy from you.

I wish everyone success in their endeavors and in current projects, a sober assessment of their own strength and resources with a cool head.

And there is no need to fight with yourself, and especially with common sense.

Sink ebout it.

See you.