How to eliminate internal technical problems with the site.

In GooGle – created a ticket about copyright infringement through the form. Platons react a little slower and more reluctantly. There was a precedent when an unsubscribe was sent. In this case, the hint of a trial accelerates the process.

To avoid problems with content theft, we have set up fast indexing of new pages via the Google Index API, and in Yandex it is enough to quickly add new or updated urls for reindexing to Yandex.Webmaster.

As a result: sites with copy paste in Google disappeared from search results altogether, and in Yandex they were on page 2, but after contacting support and a couple of updates, they slipped into oblivion.

Now with a firewall, you can only steal content manually, which is a bit time-consuming, especially if you don’t have special knowledge. I recommend that you periodically monitor whether your content has been stolen from your site and promptly seek help from search engine support.

This may be the cause of stagnation or lack of growth.

We are looking for toxic links and ask Google not to take them into account.

There is an opinion that toxic backlinks can not be cleaned at all, and Google decides which links to take into account and which not. And this opinion takes place in practice.

However, for absolute certainty, it is best to identify junk links and forcibly ban them through the Disawov Tool.

Ahrefs is the best tool for analyzing a reference profile, and I use it on an ongoing basis.

After a full scan of the site by SiteAnalyzer, the following were fixed: pagination page duplicates, content duplicates by different urls (cms feature), page duplicates with parameters.

It is always worth checking which sites are still hosted on the ip address of the hosting provider’s web server. Among the neighbors we found gambling, dietary supplements and adult sites. It was decided to move to a dedicated ip address through a request to technical support.

Fixing problems with site indexing.

In Yandex and Google, the number of pages in the site search results may differ. This indicates possible problems in a particular search engine.

To quickly check indexing, we use SimpleWebAnalytics software. It receives data via API and has export functionality for further analysis. You can quickly determine not only the indexing status, but also meta tags, whether changes have been applied or not.

Checking site indexing in the SimpleWebAnalytics program.

Problems with indexing in Yandex were identified, some pages fell under the IPC filter. The solution was to cheat the PF according to certain scenarios with visits to problematic pages. A week after the update, the pages began to rank. This method works in a variety of projects.

In order to prevent the pages from falling off, we design internal linking and make sure that the necessary pages receive enough behavioral factors.

Monitoring the speed of the site pages.

In a commercial project, the speed of the site is an important parameter. It is important that each page opens for no more than 3 seconds. And it’s best to be at least in the yellow zone of PageSpeed Insights. In fact, this is already perfectionism. In Runet, sites with a red zone are quietly ranked in the top of Google in terms of speed.

To control the speed of the site pages, as well as compliance with the requirements of PageSpeed Insights, we use BulkPageSpeed software.

Mass check of the speed of the site pages.

Why check hundreds and thousands of urls manually? Let it be automated. All we need is to get an API key from Google.

Semantics research.

We have divided all the work with semantics into two blocks: updating the implemented semantics and introducing new clusters. To do this, we use the keyword research tool from Ahrefs. It has the most complete and cool base for Google and no less cool for Yandex.

You can use or something like that, it doesn’t matter, the algorithm is the same plus or minus.

As a result, the current semantics was expanded by 3600 phrases and a new one was assembled for 5900. Then everything comes down to a single file with clustering and meta tags.

Site structure, keywords, meta tags.

It also provides recommendations on the overall structure of the site and priorities for optimizing new articles and optimizing current ones.

Other works.

A lot of work is being done to increase the reference mass for the project, since Google analytics has the most conversions and traffic. Working with copywriting is quite ordinary and boils down to drawing up the TOR and further checking the finished text from the copywriter.


The main result for the information project is a dynamic growth of traffic with subsequent monetization.

  • There was: a falling trend, ~150,000 unique search results per month..
  • It became: a growing trend, more than 200,000 unics per month from the search.
  • Conversion to payment: 0.23%.
  • Sales per month: ~260.
  • Net profit per month: ~ 1 800 000 rubles.
  • Dynamics of SEO traffic.
  • What influences the result?
  • constantly adding new content;
  • periodic content updates;
  • active protection against bots and parsers;
  • good pf;
  • positive dynamics in the growth of links;
  • the content is expensive and expert;
  • well-coordinated systematic work on SEO.

There will be an update of this case soon, as due to the large potential in the niche, according to our forecasts, traffic will double during the year

How two SEO specialists saved traffic from websites: cases and anti-cases

The summer turned out to be very eventful, and I would like to discuss the following interesting thing. Namely, why, under equal conditions, some sites take search traffic for themselves and grow, while others lose it monthly and stagnate.

On the agenda today:

Analysis of cases and anti-cases.

Checklist: how is it guaranteed not to get a result.

Top promotion strategies for the store and the service website.

What will work in 2020.

In order not to get a longrid again, which can only be scrolled down for ten minutes, we will limit ourselves to two anti-cases and two cases. In fact, there are a lot more of them in our practice, and in some of them there is a pun at all.

But no laughing, it’s SEO, there’s no time for jokes!

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