About a non-standard approach to niche SEO analysis – how to find topics

Spoiler – as usual, it will not do without SEO schemes from drug dealers and from murky niches

Going into any business – the first thing I want to do is a thorough analysis of competitors. And in general, this is true. What does a webmaster/SEO specialist usually look at?

  • Age of sites in the top
  • Number of pages on the site
  • Number of links
  • The quality of the content.

Everyone has their own algorithm by which we do the analysis. Of course, such classic metrics need to be collected in order to understand whether we can repeat what competitors have done, do better and how much it will cost.

I suggest that when analyzing, look for anomalies in the output and how quickly we can use them

1. “Strange” sites, the content of which is clearly a genealogy or compilation of the content of other sites.

Such sites often look like mini-aggregators and are in the top because they give the most complete answer to the question – unlike competitors, which are just company websites

We are wondering: “So, can I collect something like this and send it to the index?” If so, it’s definitely worth trying. Parse content – don’t write content))


Let’s start with a simple one: request “best VPN services” in the top site www.лучшие-впн.рф – this is a generated website and I even know by what technology. The cost of the site is about $ 200, and brings about $2000+ per month.

The site is in the TOP10

Learn more about the content and page types and everything will become clear 😉

You have homework to understand why it is very easy to create such content


The presence of EMD domains in the output (domains with a direct entry of the type key arenda-villy-na-bali.ru ) in the issue.

There are 2 situations here:

  • There are EMD domains – great, so it can do the same because in this issue it works.
  • There are no EMD domains – great, we will be the first.

No matter what anyone says, entering the domain still works


Examples of EMD domains in search

Here, in addition, Yandex Maps is in the first place

3. The presence of “Islands of content” in the output.

We are looking at whether Zen or conditional VC is worth it.RU in the output.

If it’s worth it, then you can make your own pages on these services and try to outbid the current ones with the help of cheating behavioral factors.

(!) At the same time, do not touch the usual sites with cheating – so as not to worry that cheating has started in the niche.

If there are no such islands, we urgently do it! VC.RU and Zen are now getting into any issue.

If you are moving under Yandex, there are still such underrated islands of content as Avito, Zoon, Instagram, Profi.ru

There are local islands of content in any GEO – the main thing is to look for

meetup this is how you can use the service for meetups to get into the TOP in Argentina and Mexico for example

As I told you in the last video – if your CA is Russian-speaking in other countries – there you can often stand TOP1 with a card from Yandex Maps at all, as in the screenshot above

4. “Artifacts”

Artifacts appear when some black seos start abusing the issue and you need to join this abuzu.

How to search for Artifacts?

We go to the Casino theme, Crypto brokers, Pharma, Lawyers in the USA, Essay and drive in 5-10 RF-SCH requests of the subject and begin to find such artifacts.


The request “Buy Valium without prescription” is an illegal pharma and therefore it is full of cunning people) and what do we see?

And there are many such doorways in this niche. Who said that you can’t use it under white niches?

Soundcloud is a cloud-based podcast service called SoundCloud. And here are some wonderful “tracks” waiting for us

Great “tracks” 😀

Request: “buy valium without prescription” – a little lower in the top template service for email newsletters

And here are such wonderful “templates for mailing” we see

Another interesting artifact was in the issuance of coupons in the USA

A crafty webmaster made such pages

If you open the page code, it becomes clear that this is just an HTML document filled in Amazon cloud storage, which mimics a full-fledged coupon site.

And he collected this much traffic (I think it’s $10000-20000 profit)

And this is how it looked in the output

In fact, he made a mega-fat island of content. Much fatter than Amazon?

Therefore, in addition to direct analysis “head-on”, see what oddities occur in the output and what “artifacts” it can reveal to you.

All light tops and a lot of traffic

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